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Indian Applicant Issues


This is a compilation of articles based on commonly asked questions by MBA applicants from India.


IT Applicants
You may be from one of the best engineering schools in India and possess great analytical abilities. But these are not going to be enough to get you admitted to a top MBA program. Business schools look at initiative, leadership skills and involvement in activities outside of work to judge your potential for success in business and management.
These tips will make your application competitive if you have an IT background.


3-year degrees
Non-engineering undergraduate degrees have a 3-year duration in India. Some schools require you to complete a Master's degree to qualify for admission.
If you obtained a bachelor's degree in 3 years here are the options available for you.


2nd MBA

A number of Indian applicants already hold MBA degrees from business schools in India.
You will need all the help if you are applying to a school in the U.S. for a second MBA.


Financing Issues

You may not have saved enough to finance tuition and living expenses on your own. Scholarships are difficult to obtain. Loans from banks in your home country may not suffice.
What are the available options to finance your MBA studies in the U.S.



If you manage an admission in a very good MBA program your chances of obtaining a visa improve. But you still have to get the basic paperwork right.
Just like admissions you will need a firm strategy for your visa too