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Essay Tips For IT Applicants


Your essays should focus on your strengths that qualify you to be a good manager. You have to look beyond the size of projects you managed, the number of people in your team, and the technical complexity of the projects.


You should talk about traits that make you a good manager. If you motivated a team of engineers in a difficult project, write about how you did it. If your team has grown in size and responsibilities, write about initiatives which enabled the growth.


Here are a few tips for stories that would make excellent material for your essays:


1. You may have faced circumstances where you made difficult decisions. Describe the situation and the dilemmas you faced. Describing the thought process behind your decisions will offer the admissions committee insights that could turn the admissions decision in your favor.


2. Write about experiences that made you question existing values and develop new ones. Every position of higher responsibility and each new assignment requires good managers to change their value systems, allocate their time differently and develop new skills. You should write one essay which describes the process of transformation of your value system.


3. You are likely to have had experiences that have contributed immensely to your personal (non-professional) growth by revealing parts about you that you were earlier blind to.


4. The decision to be more than an engineer and build a career in management is likely to have been triggered by specific incidents. Describe experiences which brought forward the need for an MBA degree. Keep the story positive. Instead of saying that you failed in a project because of lack of management skills, describe an incident in which you succeeded because you relied on your management skills.


5. A good balance of professional and personal stories is necessary for building a good application. Describe out-of-work experiences that show initiative, interpersonal skills and organizational ability.


If you build your essays keeping the above points in mind you need not fear any competition. The IT applicants who keep these points in mind find success simply because very few IT applicants use this approach while writing their essays.


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