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Why EssayCom, for your MBA Essays?


1. Multiple edits. It takes several exchanges between you and your editor to draft MBA essays that sound perfect. When you work with us, you don't have to pay every time you want your editor to read your essays. Once you enrol, your editor will work with you till you are ready to submit your essays.


2. Don't worry about the number of words in the essays you submit for editing. We help you think and build new ideas, and these ideas reach us in the form of words. Restricting the number of words or charging you by number of words would restrict ideas, which is why we don't measure what you send us in terms of number of words. We encourage you to keep sending us your thoughts.


3. No time limit for sending your essay to an editor for a re-look. We understand that you may want to add or edit information till the time that your application deadline approaches. In fact we keep ourselves aware of the deadlines you need to meet and will work with you till the time that you are ready to send out your application.


4. All essays that you submit, together work to build an impression about you. So, we work with you on all essays of a school. Most schools ask you to submit about 4 to 6 essays, and we work with you on all of them. The objective we are trying to meet here is that we want to check the impression that all of them together are conveying about you. You may feel that a certain essay is not that significant, but it is important just because you have been asked to write it and it will contribute to the image that the admissions committee will build about you.


5. EssayCom Essay Guidance and Editing Service is by far the most competitive and value added service available. The amount we charge for editing all essays of a school ( any number of edits, no word and time limits) is what most other companies charge for editing one or a maximum of two essays (with restriction of number of words and time and number of edits)


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