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There are some applicants whose essays concentrate only on their work and professional life. There are some others who tend to keep repeating the same points in different parts of their MBA application.


These people did NOT begin their application with a firm strategy in mind.


A strategy is important because without it you may fail to project all aspects of the person you are. You may have achieved a lot, and may be planning to focus on your achievements, but that may not be enough. The person reading your essays should be able to assess those finer qualities, those motivators that make you tick. If you overlook these fine details, your claims to fame may not sound real.


EssayCom offers to send you for FREE the strategy or the formula for the right ingredients for your essays.


"Going through the strategy outline helped me better understand my essay possibilities. I appreciate your help."




"Your strategy framework provided ideal preparation before I began writing my essays."



What will your strategy contain:


  • It will tell you the right mix of attributes that you need to pack in your essays.
  • What should be the right balance of personal and professional traits in your essays?
  • A list of different subject areas that you must cover in your essays.
  • Specific Dos and Don'ts for you.
  • Any other tips and suggestions after reading your resume.



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