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EssayCom editors are MBA graduates and have a very good understanding of the Business School recruitment needs, especially of the top schools around the world.

We found a lot lacking in the services offered by other companies and decided to help applicants not just make their essays more readable but to make them more informative.

When we thought of that one aspect which prevented editing companies from doing a better job with essays, we found the answer in the amount of time they spent with each applicant. They do not work enough to understand the applicant's background and help them think through the writing process.

The EssayCom editing service is framed such that an applicant's interaction with our editors is more prolonged to enable the editor to get to know the applicants and suggest ideas to incorporate into essays which projects them in better light.

Going by the thinking that it is the content that matters more than any thing else the 'MBA Essay Strategy' service was framed. To give an applicant an idea on what to include in the essays. Business Schools require applicants to have multiple skills and this service ensures that you do not miss out on important aspects about you that may be important in completely projecting your personality.

The University Search Tool takes into account the recruitment needs of the top business schools and through a series of questions, determines a list of top schools that would recruit you provided you don't mess up your essays and are able to project yourself well.

The EssayCom team is in the process of developing many more innovative services for applicants.


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