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US Visa for Indian Applicants


You will be assessed on 2 main issues before being awarding a student visa.


1. Do you have the financial resources to afford the living and tuition expenses?


2. Will you leave the US after completing your studies?


The two issues are connected and require a firm strategy from the very beginning. Getting the visa can be easy if you or your family has the money to finance your study. But it can get complicated if you plan to take loans either in US or in India. The visa officer will assess if you will be able to afford loan repayment after returning and taking a job in India. In a way it is best to show to the visa officer that you will be financing the expenses from your own funds even if you plan to take loans. You will need to show that the funds are immediately available for the expenses that you need to incur in the first year of study. By being immediately available we mean in savings bank accounts and fixed deposits that can easily be liquidated. For the second year of study fixed assets such as property and any other investments that will be available over a period of one year can be shown.



Refer to the website of this link for further details on the requirements: http://newdelhi.usembassy.gov/visas.html


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