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International applicants compete among themselves.


Schools normally have a good idea about the number of international students they will enroll in each intake. They also have a fair idea about how many students they will take in from say, Japan, Korea, China or India.


If you are applying to the top-schools a good measure of competition you can expect to face is to peg yourself with the best in your country.


Here are the things you can do to get yourself an admission:


Get a good GMAT score, the averages for international students are normally higher. When setting yourself up to apply to a certain school, check the average GMAT in the last intake and add about 40 points to get the score you need to target for yourself.


Schools want to know your English language skills. So, focus on your TOEFL, the verbal section of the GMAT and also on the GMAT AWA.


Your college and school grading system may be very different from that followed in the U.S. You should mention how good a student you were in terms of your class rankings. You could mention that you were in the top-5, 10, 20 % of the class, as the case may be. The optional essay is normally a good place to address your academic ability if you think your grades will not project you well.


Similarly, you may want to describe the company you work for, if you didn't work for a big company that is likely to be known to business schools.


Assign a lot of extra time to your application essays. Have some one else look at them or get external help if your written English skills are ordinary.


EssayCom editors are experienced in guiding international students and have a good idea of the help they need.



If English is not your native language ...


You need to work hard to make sure that you are able to convey through your essays exactly what you have in mind. There could be gaps between what you want to convey and what a reader might conceive when he or she reads your essays.


When you work with us, through extensive communication, we understand your background and objectives to ensure that your essays convey exactly what you have in mind.


The outcome of such an approach is well drafted essays that communicate your profile and contain the punch to improve your chances of admission.


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