write successful MBA applications

Essay Writing Course


Essays are opportunities to portray your personality and distinctive qualities to the Admissions Committee. Unlike application forms that require objective information about your academic performance and work experience, essays convey information not provided elsewhere in the application. They are a means of self-disclosure where the applicants express their understanding of their intent, abilities, values and skills. Essays enable the person reading your application to know you beyond your GPA and GMAT scores. They convey your professional skills and also your personal background. Successful applicants focus almost equally on their personal and professional experiences.


The topics listed below should prepare you to begin writing your own essays.


Chapter 1: Achievements


Chapter 2: Career progress and future plans


Chapter 3: Leadership and teamwork


Chapter 4: Unique applicant


Chapter 5: Weaknesses, setbacks and failures


Chapter 6: Why MBA? Why XYZ school?


Chapter 7: Miscellaneous issues