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MBA essays - 8 steps to make them effective

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MBA Admission and Essay Tips Loads of professional tips to help you start writing your own MBA essays for business school admissions.

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1. Start by listing your achievements. From the major ones to even those small ones that you may hardly consider as achievements.

2. Classify the listed achievements into four broad categories.


3. Try to ensure that your achievements weigh equally in all the four categories. Together, they project your all-round abilities. If the list of achievements in one category is not impressive, you may need to compensate. For example, if you don't have achievements to talk about in academics, you may need to convey through experiences from work that you are a good learner and a practical person. If a recommendation letter can substantiate your point, you would have more than covered for your average academics.
(Refer to EssayCom step 2 for help in putting together an MBA Essay strategy.)

4. Let your first essay be the one on your career progression till date. Almost all schools will require you to write this essay. It would help to make this the first essay to write. It is one of the most important ones, and while writing it, ideas for other essays will tend to emerge.

5. Research the schools you wish to apply; list their strengths and special features in their programs. Why do you consider these strengths and features important for you?

6. Answer the question, "why you want to take up an MBA, and how will it further your future career plans?".

7. Ensure that your MBA essays answer the question that is asked and stick to the specified word limit. Write and edit your essays till the time you are sure they project you well.

8. Seek opinions. Have some one else read your essays. But, don't let them force a change in your essays till the time you are convinced that they have a point to make. 

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