write successful MBA applications

Business School Essay Checklist


By answering the questions below, you would get a fair idea if your essays provide the information that business school admissions committees seek before taking that admissions decision in your favor.


Career related

  • Are your career goals clearly projected?
  • Are you convinced these are your real career goals?
  • Have you shown how your career goals originated?
  • Does the passion with which you wish to pursue them come across in your essays?
  • Have you projected parts of your past work experience that show your ability to achieve future goals?

Why MBA? Why XYZ school?

  • Are your career goals ambitious enough to merit investing time and money in pursuing an MBA?
  • Have you shown what you seek from the MBA experience and how parts of the program that are unique to the school will maximize your experience?


  • Are your two to three biggest strengths identifiable through your essays?
  • Have you selected the best stories to project these strengths?

Out of work involvement

  • Do your essays project that you are the kinds who are keenly involved in non-work related activities and are able to balance work and personal interests?
  • Do your extracurricular involvements project leadership?
  • Do your extracurricular interests project what you are most passionate about?

Projecting leadership

  • Do your essays show that you tapped opportunities that came your way?
  • Did you create new opportunities that benefited your career or the company/division you worked in?
  • Were you able to convince others to see the merits of solutions you created?
  • Did you show that you were able to generate a culture of trust among your teammates because you truly believe that teams as opposed to individual brilliance can get a work done better.

You may have been busy writing the best answers to the different essay questions of a school. While that is important, controlling the overall image that all your essays collectively project can make all the difference. Ensuring that the questions listed above have been addressed in your essays will ensure that you turn that admissions decision in your favor.