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EssayCom university search tool will suggest a list of business schools where you, with your unique background, stand a good chance of admission.

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What will get you the MBA admission? Your work-experience or specific parts of your personality? Have us suggest a strategy for your essays.

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Through our Essay Advising and Editing Service, we assess your career progress, consider your future goals, help you differentiate your application and project your all-round skills.

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MBA Admission and Essay Tips Loads of professional tips to help you start writing your own MBA essays for business school admissions.

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U.S. MBA admissions can be very competitive for international applicants.

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3 Steps to a Business School Admission

There are some business schools that are more likely to offer you an admission compared to others. Our business school selection tool will shortlist MBA programs where you stand a good chance of admission.

You will improve your chances of admission when you apply with a firm strategy in mind. We help develop an effective strategy for your essays.

Finally, if you can translate your strategy into convincing essays, there is only one you can go: to the MBA program of your choice. Our guidance and editing service will assist you in communicating your personality and those subtle traits that can make the difference between success and failure, especially when you are aiming for the top business schools.

Content Matters

MBA Admissions are about differentiating your application while communicating your all-round personality to the admissions committee. Your application essays should talk about your goals and personal attributes that will help you achieve them: the person you are, your achievements and things that motivate you.

Many of us are not able to think clearly on these issues, "You know you are good but are not quite sure what makes you tick." You need to get a good perspective on your life so far and also on your life to come.

Through our Guidance and Editing Service, we think with you to select the right content for your essays and edit them to make your stories interesting to read.

How do we help?

When we work with you, we first gauge the kind of help you need. Some applicants are stuck and need our help to analyze and think with them. Some need a second opinion, while others need help to narrate their stories in an interesting manner. Whatever your specific need, while fulfilling it, we ensure that right parts of your personality are projected through your application.

Our customers take our help to develop their first drafts by discussing and exploring their experiences. Or if they have the first drafts ready, we offer a critique, then work with them to make the essays ready for submission.

There are several other unique benefits of our MBA essay service: We are the most competitively priced essay service on the Internet. When you work with us, we donít charge you by the number of words or the number of times you email us. There is also no limit on the time for which your editor will work with you, we work with you till the time you are ready to send out your application.

You will be guided in your essay writing process by our editing team of MBA graduates who have the necessary analytical skills and a very good understanding of the business school admissions process.

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