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CMU Tepper Essay Questions and Tips

Essay 1 (Maximum 300 words)  Describe a defining moment in your life. How has it shaped you professionally?


Identify an incident or a result that had an impact on you. It forced you to question established notions, changed you, made you a better person, or developed a new side to you.  Show how it impacted you and how the learning influence you at work. 


Essay 2    (Maximum 300 words)  Based on your research and interactions, describe how your strengths will contribute to the Tepper School community. How will you benefit from being a member of the Tepper School MBA program?


You will contribute with your abilities, values, and unique experiences. List them out. Learn about the culture of the school and the program’s activities. Show how you will contribute to the school community with your abilities, values and unique experiences. How will you fulfill your learning objectives while contributing to the program?