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Terms of Service Delivery


Essay Guidance and Editing Service


1. The service is available to applicants of business schools. 


2. You can expect a 24-48 hour response to all your submissions. 


3. The service is delivered only over email. We do not meet or speak to our customers in our office or over phone/skype.


4. This service is not a contract to guarantee admission to a Business School. Success of the applicant to gain an admission to a school is not the responsibility of EssayCom through this service. The service is meant to help applicants project themselves appropriately (as per the understanding of the EssayCom editors) through their application essays.


5. This is not a paper writing or exam taking services. We only consult our customers to project their candidatures for admission, and we edit essays they write on their own. We do not enable dishonest behavior of any kind. 


6. Any requests for refunds must be addressed to customerservice@essaycom.com explaining the reasons for seeking a refund. Refund requests will be considered fairly by the EssayCom team and will be granted after understanding the reasons.