write successful MBA applications

Will You Fit The Program's Culture?


While all business schools may cover similar curriculum, there is one aspect they are all unique in - their culture.


The culture of a school is determined by the faculty of the school, its alumni, its past traditions and values for which it stands and to quite an extent the direction that the present dean wants to give to the program.


Business schools enroll students based on an applicant's ability to fit into the existing culture. Some schools prefer applicants with excellent interpersonal skills while others prefer strong leadership abilities or ability to work in teams.


Read published interviews with the school's faculty and admissions committee members, meet the alumni and visit the campus to get an idea of the culture of the school.


Only once you are sure that you have what the school wants should you go ahead applying to that school. Knowing about the school and how well you can fit in will allow you to write school specific essays, which is necessary to build a good application. Emphasize parts of your personality that you believe make you fit into their culture.


You will be doing yourself a favor by making it easy for the school to select you.